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Graceville Bike Company (formally Graceville Bike Hub), Brisbane’s friendliest bike shop, has expertise in road bikes, racing bikes, touring bikes, commuter bikes, mountain bikes and kids bikes.

Our bicycle store stocks a full range of your favourite bike brands: Specialized, Wilier and Strider Balance Bikes as well as a full range of clothing and accessories, including: Specialized, Assos, Kask, Topeak, Garmin, Bolle and much more.

As a qualified Body Geometry specialist we offer a range of bike fit services, that will ensure you are completely comfortable on your bike. We also offer a comprehensive range of bike service, bike repairs and bicycle maintenance options.

Graceville Bike Company will offer you a pleasurable shopping experience, premium service and expert advice. Our goal is to help you make the best decision and get the most out of your bike.

Graceville Bike Company has its very own professional photographer, Leonie. Brendan and Nathan have been offering all their loyal riders and have also now extended it to all Brisbane River Loop riders a complimentary photo who rode the loop between February and May. Not only does Leonie snap photos of GBC riders, but she might have snapped one of you too! Have you seen her out and about on the riverloop?

The images are available each week at leonephotography4629.zenfolio.com/f930650203?customize=3. Once you select your favourite image the photo will be available in store. Due to the late sunrise Leonie will break now and will be on the loop again when the days become longer. Happy cycling.

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If you are cycling enthusiast from the Graceville then it is very likely that you would already know about Graceville Bike Company formerly called Graceville Bike Hub. If you hadn’t heard of the company before and your search engine has brought you here or if you are new to the area and are looking for a quality bicycle and related accessories supplier and maintenance service, then we would like to welcome you to the suburbs of Graceville and would like to say hello on behalf of our team members here at Graceville Bike Company for your local Brisbane bike shop for specialized road bikes.

Here at Graceville Bike Company, we believe in delivering a delightful shopping experience, premium service, and expert advice to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We offer a variety of bicycle types and related accessories manufactured by only the best brands in the market. Our humble and friendly team of professionals makes sure that all of your repair, maintenance, and bicycle upgrade needs are met. Below are some of the quality products and services that we, at Graceville Bike Company, offer to our valued customers for your local Brisbane bike store for specialized mountain bikes.

Variety of Bicycles

Graceville Bike Company supplies a lot of different types of bicycle offered by famous brands like Specialized bikes, wilier bike, Assos, Kask, Topeak, Garmin, Bolle, bmc and the list goes on. Below are some of the types that you can choose from according to your bicycling needs.

Racing Bikes

These bikes are specifically used by professionals for the sake of racing competitions. Racing Bikes are usually light weight and feature advanced gears and braking systems that allow you to cycle at high speeds with more control and safety.

Touring Bikes

Touring Bikes are specially designed bikes that are used for the sake of cycling tours. Touring bikes feature heavy duty wheels, flexible frame, and a long wheelbase that ensures great comfort that is an important factor to be considered when you are looking forward to a long expedition tour. These bikes also feature multiple mounting points that allow your bicycle to carry luggage racks, fenders and bottle cages.

Commuter Bikes

Commuter bikes are used for small to long distance traveling from home to workplace or to run any errands. Most of these bikes have fenders that allow you to cycle on a rainy day. These bikes also feature racks and baskets for carrying items. If you are looking for a bike that you can cycle to and from your workplace or for trips to the local market then a commuter bike is the best option for you.

Mountain Bikes

Mountain Bikes feature a light but fairly strong frame, knobby tires that ensure substantial road grip, multiple gears, and high quality brakes that allow you to comfortably cycle through different types of mountainous terrains at a desirable speed.

Kids Bikes

Kids Bikes, like the name indicates, are light and durable bikes that are manufactured for kids of various age groups. Some of these bikes feature adjustable training wheels that balance the bicycle and allow the kids to learn cycling without any fear of falling off of them. These training wheels can be removed once a kid learns how to balance the bicycle during a ride. Graceville Bike Company offers Kids Bikes in a lot of different sizes that are an important factor to be considered because the size of a bicycle contributes a lot in terms of comfort and fast learning.

Bike Services

One of the things that ensures a great cycling experience is the comfort level offered by the bicycle. Graceville Bike Company has an excellent Bike Service Department with teams of qualified professionals that can carry out any type of bike assembling, repair, and maintenance to ensure a great cycling experience. We also offer a variety of Bike Building services and Bike Fitting services as well for your local brisbane bike store.

Bike Fitting

We offer specialized fitting service like Body Geometry Fit, a bike adjustment process that ensures maximum comfort, safety, and efficiency of the cyclist as well as the bike, can only be carried out by qualified fitters. We also offer general bike sizing service, that is a complimentary service offered on purchases from Graceville Bike Company, ensures that the frame size, saddle height and stem length of a bike are the perfect fit for the rider.

Maintenance and Repair Services

Experts at the Bike Service Department of Graceville Bike Company can carry out the repair and maintenance jobs of any type of bicycle. Besides offering a free first service on all bike purchase, Graceville Bike Company also provides a variety of maintenance and repair service packages including Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum services that you can choose from according to your bike maintenance needs.

Bike Build

Whether you want a bike build for a newly purchased unboxed bike or you are looking for a customization build, experts at Graceville Bike Company have you covered. We offer a lot of different bike build services that include Wheel build, Bike build, D12 build, Group set swap and Frame strip for carbon repair at reasonable prices at bike shops Brisbane.


Whether you are a professional cyclist or just enjoy weekly cycling trips, you should never ignore any safety precautions and must go cycling with all of the necessary accessories and safety gear. We offer a variety of helmets, goggles, clothing, shoes and other related accessories for both men and women. If you are looking for any specific parts, wheels or maintenance equipment and products for your bicycle, Graceville Bike Company offers quality brands like Specialized, Assos, Bolle, Guee, 3T, Garmin, K-edge and a lot of other brands famous for these product categories.

Nutrition Advice

You can sign up for our monthly newsletter for expert nutrition advice articles related to cycling. Healthy diet and proper nutrition are the key factors that contribute to health development and helping you push your limits on a bicycle. Our nutrition expert, Wilma Theron, with an experience of 20 years in physical education, has a professional degree in nutritional medicine. You can follow up on her nutrition and healthy lifestyle advices by signing up for the newsletter.

Cycling Trips

We arrange regular cycling trips on decided routes every Tuesday and Thursday. These cycling trips can be a great way to explore some awesome routes, socialize and not to mention staying healthy. We also arrange various trips like GBC Girls group managed by our Shop Ambassador, Single Speed Sunday and Novice Ride trips that welcome beginners or people recovering from an injury to enjoy a medium to slow speed cycling ride with other people.


The team at Graceville Bike Company comprises of cycling enthusiasts only. We guide our customers at each step of their cycling journey from purchasing to maintenance and nutrition to local bike rides. We love bicycles and we love cycling, that is why we know how important it is to make a right decision while picking a bike. You can purchase any one of the bikes that you like in our collection with payment duration of 6 months without any additional charges or interest. Our company’s affiliation with ZipMoney also allows us to offer this payment facility on all of our repair, maintenance, and fitting services as well as all of the bike accessories that we offer.

You can buy the merchandise you need today and pay nothing forthright. By paying for your buy on an arrangement you can part the expense of your buy and pay after some time. ZipMoney even pays Graceville Bike Company for your benefit no cash ever changes hands. You are given a virtual record so for your next buy, you should simply sign-into your advanced wallet, affirm and pay. No compelling reason to utilize your Visa or look for an advance somewhere else. It’s basic and simple to utilize.

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What we can do for you

We have the best products at the best prices for you, that’s what we can for you and with our excellent customer service too. You can visit us online or in store, we are open 7 days per week for your convenience and 24 hours a day if you visit our website.

Us in store team have loads of experience in the cycling industry to give you the best possible advice when you purchase your new bike. Give us a try today, we know that you will not be disappointed with our service, expert advice to give you a fantastic shopping experience at Graceville Bike Company.